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Me, my script and my study buddy La Croix

Me, my script and my study buddy La Croix

Hey Kiddos!

I am happy to announce that I have officially been added to the brilliant cast and crew of Sister Act at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre. I am over the moon to be an understudy to the one and only Regina Williams, starring as Deloris Van Cartier.

Sister Act the Musical is an energetic, fun and most of all fabulous take on the original story told in the Sister Act film. I recently revisited the original film (you mean, the one without Lauryn Hill?) and the plot of the film and the story line of this musical are wonderfully similar. I feel like a lot of people are hesitant to the idea of a book brought to film or a film brought to stage. If that's a concern of yours, it wont have any affect on you for this show. The show has the same eccentric characters that we all know and fell in love with in the first film.

The story of Sister Act centers around a woman named Deloris Van Cartier, who's mission in life is to be a star! She enlists her "bad man" boyfriend Curtis to help her with just that, but when Deloris witnesses Curtis murder someone, she is on the run to protect herself from the man who was supposed to help her get discovered. Deloris finds herself hiding out in a convent disguised as a nun. During her time she finds herself teaching the sisters a few things, while learning from them as well. 

The entire cast is wonderful, so much so that I laugh at new things and get emotional at the same things every time I see the show. From the songs, which are sure to get stuck in your head, to the costumes which might have you considering hitting up a few vintage thrift shops this weekend - the show has so much to offer in the most exciting ways. I'm also delighted to be working again with the lovely Therese Walth, Kasano Mwanza and Tre Searles who were in my first show on the main stage at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, "Hairspray". I cannot speak more highly about the talent in this ensemble of characters. You'll just have to come and see it for yourself. Perhaps you'll even catch it on a night that I go on!

Sister Act is playing at The Chanhassen Dinner Theatre now through February 27th 2016. Get your tickets at

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