We're Up and Running?

Well, here we go. First blog post. I feel as if there are so many things to blog about but I don't want to start off hitting you with the intense stuff. I mean, sure we all say to dive right into the pool but we all look at the person who chooses to dive in right away like they are crazy... and also annoying for splashing everyone when the rest of us are just getting acclimated to the temperature of the water. 

I suppose I should start off by introducing myself. Hi. I am Brianna Graham. Please call me Bri, Brianna is so formal. I am an actress, singer, model and now "blogger". I currently am located in the glorious city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can usually find me out and about in the city, working at PARC boutique or grabbing coffee at a SPYHOUSE near you. I am also beginning to feel like I am writing my bio for an OKcupid profile. Sheesh blogging is hard.

I'll try and keep this post short and sweet. My goal with this blog is to keep you up to date with my current projects and vent about things that are on my mind, after all, isn't that what a blog is all about? Well, on this site is sure as hell is. Please forgive my opinionated nature, my natural ability to use curse words in any and every sentence, and my occasional selfie. I'll try to be on my best behavior. This is the internet after all.



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