Busy Bee

What a week! I took a mini vacation to Duluth, Minnesota with a super great friend of mine before he officially moved to New York. (Shout out to New York, stop stealing all my peoples!!!) We had a really lovely time. If you haven't ever seen the older versions of the Pink Panther starring Peter Sellers, I highly recommend them for a good old fashioned low maintenance laugh. While I was up north I was promptly reminded that I still have work to do back in the TC (Twin Cities as the cool kids like to say) so I ended up having to cut my vacation short. Poor me, I know. But huge shout out to Duluth! Your milkshakes are amazing, you have some really cool architecture & I know three people specifically who really know how to make a girl feel at home. Thanks!!!

Friday I got the opportunity to work for Target. They were shooting an industrial branding video really celebrating the re-naming (or maybe un-naming) of the gender associated labeling through out their stores. You already know I was all about it! I love that companies are really starting to break away from traditional thinking and branching out into the new norm. Kudos to you Target. Now if you would just stop donating to the Salvation Army (who, if I am correct, actively do not support gay marriages and therefore do not support the LGBT community) I would be a happy gal!

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to drive to the Minnetonka Best Buy to do a shoot for the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. To be honest, I am really not a big tech-y, but this thing was pretty cool. It's just like an iPad tablet but obviously for the Samsung user. The machine takes really great photos, I know because it was written in my script to take selfies which I felt extremely comfortable doing. It was so nice that it made me start to dream up my Christmas list...oops....I know. I'm awful. But a girl's got some dreams on her hands. er..some dreams of a tablet that she wants IN her hands. 

That's all for now kiddos. This week is looking pretty busy as well. I have some fun rehearsals at the Children's Theatre, a photoshoot and a possible collaboration with a new friend :) Stay Tuned...

Until next time Tanner-inos*



*Tanner-inos, see Kimmy Gibbler (Full House)