Sick in September

WOW. Long time no post. My apologies. This last week I was extremely sick and I held off posting until I could function a little bit better. It's a tradition in my body to get sick the second the season starts to change. It's usually triggered by allergies and my asthma quickly turns that into a sinus infection that I can't seem to shake for about two weeks after. It's the biggest annoyance but it was nice to force myself to slow down a little bit. 

Despite being sick I was still quite the busy girl. I had a shoot with HyVee, Best Buy and 3M. I also had an audition for Silence the Musical....and this all happened while I was super sick. But I'm not here to complain, I am quite lucky to be getting work and I hope to see it continue in this direction (minus the being sick part) 

On Set..

On Set..

Caroline and I are planning on re-recording and uploading a cover we made of Chvrches - Recover/ Coldplay - The Scientist this afternoon. Be on the look out for that. 



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