Towards the end of August, David and I were in the talks of taking a long weekend vacation somewhere, some time soon. Chicago, Tennessee and Atlanta were all ideas tossed around but we just couldn't commit to a location. He didn't really have too many qualifications for things that he wanted to do or see for vacation, but I on the other hand did. Aside from not wanting to spend too much money on a spontaneous get a way, I wanted to be active and outside knowing that winter is coming.

"I want to see mountains. I want to hike." 

Those were the two things I kept saying over and over again. For whatever reason while we were planning this whirl whim trip, David and I glazed over the fact that he has friends in Denver, he himself loves Denver, I have never been to Denver and Denver has mountains. Easy to say the tickets were purchased almost as fast as we had this genius epiphany. 

I want to show you all the photos that we took but honestly we didn't take many. For blog purposes, it's a bit of a bummer that I can't share it all with you - but for life experience, I'm kind of glad that we were in the moment enjoying everything instead of posing behind the camera lens.  

I will share with you the few photos that I did get my hands on. None of them have been edited  because, why would you need to edit nature? I will also tell you that nothing is more majestic than mountains. Nothing will make you feel so small and so important at the same time. Suffice to say over our short stay I fell in love with Denver. I am eager to get back - but the next time I attack those mountains they will be covered in snow. I'm not exactly a snow bunny so forgive me if in my next post I'm not as excited about these mountains. Here's to optimism on ski's! 

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