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So this lovely girl walks into Parc Boutique a couple of months ago while I'm working. She is dressed super cute, picking up my favorite items in the store and she has platinum blonde hair. Anyone who knows me knows that I have always wanted and loved the look of platinum blonde hair, seriously. Whenever Tyra would do makeovers on ANTM, I would get super jealous of the girls that got to go ice blonde. Alas, in my opinion, I don't think I can pull off that color hair, however that's an on-going argument between some of my friends and I but that's not where we are going with this story. I make a comment about her hair and this cute little chica and I start talking. 

This girl turns out to be Monica Outcalt (now Friese) of All Things Lovely Here. It's no wonder to me why lovely was the first would I could use to describe her! Anyone who runs a blog with the word  "lovely" in the title knows what lovely is and she's the walking version of it. She and I get to chit-chatting and it's like we've been friends for more than 5 minutes. She's telling me about this magazine that she is working for. How they are working on getting images together, writing articles and hoping to publish their next issue in the next couple of months. Upon leaving she and I exchange Instagram names and follow each other. New friend made and it's always fun to meet new people.

A couple of weeks later she messages me and asks if I would ever be interested in modeling for the magazine that she works for. Me?! Covergirl?! I mean...I'm actually easy BREEZY beautiful Cover girl!?!? Seriously the ANTM dream was coming to life, minus the blonde makeover. I don't think I could have responded faster. YES YES YES! And so it was. She showed me her Pinterest inspiration board and my awesome manager at Parc let me borrow some clothes for the shoot. The next thing you know, it's the day of the shoot and the super talented Elizabeth Shey is photographing me and I feel like a million bucks.

A few more weeks go by and I get a text from my mom. The message read something to the effect of "I FINALLY GOT YOUR MAGAZINE AND I AM SO EXCITED WE ARE FRAMING IT YAY!!!". I was probably just as excited as she was. Once I finally got my hands on this magazine, it took my breath away. Not just because I was featured on it - but truly, the magazine is just beautiful. You can see where Monica has her hands on it. The imagery, the articles - all of it, lovely

And that's the story of how I got on my very first magazine cover.

Honestly I couldn't of been luckier to have my first cover be with such a beautiful and unique magazine. From their site, Tapestry describes it's vision as the following, "Tapestry Magazine embraces the greater narrative God's been fashioning since the genesis of time and holds it up to the status quo, challenging His church to move against the current and live in light of His design." Low key, I always thought my first cover would be something crazy like the cover of US weekly so I mean - I think I got a major win here. 

I am so thankful for the opportunity and I truly love the results of the shoot. My copy is sitting on my coffee table as a casual plug for all my vistors to glance through. My mom's is sitting high on a shelf on display for just about everyone to see.

Tapestry Magazine : http://www.tapestrymag.com/

Elizabeth Shey Photography: http://elizabethshey.com/

Monica Friese Blog: http://allthingslovelyhere.com/

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