Cranberry - Lime Pie

So thanksgiving was months ago and I'm so glad I posted this in time for the Holidays.

*side eye*

Well, either way, here she is in all her Glory. The glorious and delicious Cranberry - Lime Pie a la Bon Appetit. I don't want to be one of those bloggers that goes "seriously guys..." but I might just have to be because...dayum.


David and I had a lot going on this last holiday season. My family only had one pretty small Thanksgiving event to attend while his family had 4. Don't even get me started on the total number Christmases we had. For Thanksgiving a few years ago, one of his family members had an excellent solution to the overwhelming schedule that holiday festivities can be. The Saturday after Thanksgiving, everyone convenes and brings a pie, instead of making a whole extra Thanksgiving day meal or leftovers. This day has become a tradition known as the ever so creative and popular "Pie Day". The entire day family members shuffle in and bring a pie of their choice. Then, once enough pies have been added to the collection, they get cut, plated and served. It's a really creative and sweet way to add a little fun event in the mix of the holidays. There really is no rule as to what kind of pie you should bring but if I know one thing about David and his family, they are competitive. 

There was a lot of pressure for us (me)* to bring a good pie. Especially because we (I) have never made a pie before. Store bought pies are usually frowned upon and certain members of the family have mastered a specific few. So, not wanting to step on any toes or get shown up, we (I) wanted to make a pie that was so unique and so delicious, it would be the pie of the year. 

After pinning countless ideas and not being able to agree on anything, a friend of mine posted photos of a bright pink pie on Instagram and I immediately hunted the recipe down. Here's what I'll tell you. I have never done some things of the things that the recipe asked me to do. That being said, it was easy as pie. See what I did there? Seriously though, you can tell by the photos it was a success. And by the reaction from those brave enough to try it on "Pie day", it was a hit. This is definitely a recipe to keep! 

Head on over to Bon Appetit to try it for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

Cranberry - Lime Pie


disclaimer* If we are being honest, I basically made this pie. David was more so in the kitchen for supervision.

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